Tercer Espacio

A community space building a regenerative culture

Tercer Espacio is a place for sharing and caring, a community space. In Tercer Espacio we promote a greener way of life, and we aim at fostering an environment where new imaginations can germinate in favor of ecological and social transition. We want to be able to imagine, to create, and to give life to our ideas, while breathing a wind of renewal around us, giving everyone the desire and the means to act at their own scale. 

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Want to know what our Third Place is about? Watch this video

A Third Place?

What’s that about?

Third Places are there to awaken our territories!

  • The Third Place aims at democratizing collective wisdom for the benefit of projects with a social impact.
  • It is a place where a community can meet, exchange and share resources, skills, experiences and knowledge.
  • It’s a hybrid space, where a variety of activities and people with different profiles come together.
  • The Third Place will enable the creation of new synergies through encounters.
  • It’s a space that expands the field of possibilities, increasing the chances that innovative and creative dynamics will see the light of day.
  • By supporting projects and initiatives, the Third Place reinforces the power of social action within the economy.
  • A Third Place is a welcoming and democratic place where everyone can participate and take part in something exceptional…

To find out more: 

If you want to know what a Third Place is quickly and easily, you can watch this 2-minute-long video. (ENG) (SPA)

If you want to deepen your understanding of Third Places, you can read this article written by UNESCO (in Spanish) or this article (in English). 

Tercer Espacio - San Cristóbal de las Casas

About Our Proyect


In Café Cultiva we aim at cultivating the minds on the importance of cultivating the soil. We will embrace a holistic approach to food production and consumption.


We want to design our Huerto inspiring ourselves both by traditional agricultural knowledges and by permaculture principles. One example of this is how we want to use the diamond-shape to design the Huerto, which is a symbol of fertility in traditional knowledges.


Tercer Espacio has different areas that can be rented out, individually or as a whole, during the day or the evening. Privatizations are reserved for professionals and associations.


Tercer Espacio offers multiple activities to suit all tastes! Ranging from ecology-related to cultural, sportive, educational, mindful and creative activities.

“We are an open mixing place for the general public, but we are strongly committed to bringing together people who may not normally spend time together in the hope that they will become friends, seeking deeper relationships with each other and with the community. A sign I once saw in an old café window proclaimed, «There are no strangers here, just friends who haven’t met», and that pretty much captures what we’re about.”

Ray Oldenburg, Celebrating the Third Place: Inspiring Stories About the «Great Good Places» at the Heart of Our Communities

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General Felipe Angeles 7, Santa Martha, 29288 San Cristobál de las Casas

+52 967 135 95 25